Hong Kong met us with a western influence with which we had not seen in over a month. The airport, lined with duty free shops and designer boutiques, greeted us with a crisp, clean feeling and the delicious smell of noodles and sauteed vegetables. Though Hong Kong would technically be a “layover”, we quickly skipped through the airport and onto the streets to find ourselves a Lantau Island taxi.

We had 2 days to enjoy the city while en-route to Madagascar.  With both of us beginning to feel the withdrawals from the autumn seasonal change back home, we brainstormed ways we could pacify our craving and came up with the most fitting option: Halloween in Hong Kong Disneyland! Neither of us had known that magical kingdom existed on Lantau Island, until and add popped up on our computers one night on our way to HK, showing the new seasonal decor in the make-believe city. Pumpkins (with Mickey Mouse ears), lined the streets while spooky villains greeted visitors in each corner of the park.

We were sold and couldn’t wait for a familiar feel to satiate our own pumpkin cravings.  The next morning, excitement took over and woke us as the sun was preparing to peek its head over the horizon and greet the city. We jumped into a cab and headed 45 minutes towards Hong Kong city for our play-date with Disney.

We thought that since it was a Tuesday, we would have the park to ourselves, however, we were sadly mistaken as we pulled up to see hundreds of Hong Kong natives already waiting at the gates.

At 10:00 AM, the thick, humid heat was already rising, yet still we took our place in line behind tiny amusement park goers dressed up in various Disney Princess dresses and spooky costumes. They too must have had a hankering for some Halloween excitement as many clutched baskets in hopes of trick or treating for some sweet ghoulish goodies.